Staff Sourcing is focused for developing and delivering exceptional Staff Augmentation employment/staffing solution and support services for diversified profit & non- profit business groups. We with clients in a diversity of verticals across the globe and deal multi dais staffing solutions and maintain a 97% retention rate with our customers. The following illustration represents clients using some or all of our solutions.

Staff Sourcing believes in “Collaborative Effort” to channelize strengths of its teams to deliver Business Critical & Innovative Solutions & Services in a variety of verticals worldwide. We have been working with fortune 2000 companies in North America – United States and Canada, India and UK and have been the primary Go-to vendor for all our clients for Contract and Fulltime Professional services, Offshore Staffing & SOW based project work.

At Staff Sourcing our win-win-win strategy and customized approach to providing the most innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions and services in today’s marketplace bring impactful results and help clients to increase efficiency, accelerate project progress, cut costs, and ultimately enhance their competitive edge.